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Valentine's Day Toad in the Hole

Nothing says love like heart shaped eggs

“This is the most amazing egg and toast thingy we’ve ever seen. You must lead our army of super models. Onward to the beach!!” – My dream

No, we are not breaking new ground here. This is an egg and a piece of toast. It’s delicious just the same. Watson and Crick may have had similar beach dreams as they were plugging away on DNA. At least they pulled off the Nobel Prize. We have aspirations are that we may be left in relative comfort to drink our malt liquor and play Grand Theft Auto XX – Ford Fusion Edition.

Sometimes, simpler things are best though. This is your first grade primer of a recipe. Try not to burn anything.

· One Egg

· One piece of bread

· Butter

· Salt

· Pepper

· Paprika

Preheat your skillet on a six. That’s about medium heat. Butter your piece of bread. Cut out a large hole in the center. I used a little heart shaped cookie cutter. It’s Valentine’s Day, and I’m awesome like that. If it was Saint Patrick’s Day, I may have used a four leaf clover. Use anything clever. I believe a circle may be considered clever in this situation.

Lightly spray the skillet with oil. Place the bread, including the cut out piece, in the skillet. Crack the egg into the cut out. When you can see the bottom of the egg is set (about two minutes) flip it. If you can turn it over very gently, you’ll keep the egg from sploshing over the cut out design in the top. Cook another minute or two. You want the bread nicely toasted on both sides. Salt, pepper and paprika your toad. Heh heh.

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