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When Will it be Time to Stand Up?

It's time now. Save America.

This is not a political blog. It’s a cooking blog – mostly. Still…

Apparently, younger spawn found my blog on the internets. I just received the following email:

To quote, “Calling me unfunny really hurt my feelings man, I’m shocked and offended. Hurts bruh.”

I started to call my Mom by her first name in High School. Now, I’m “bruh.” I have to call my Barb and immediately apologize for my insolence. Kids have so little control over their lives. I suppose a little rebellion in life is a good thing. It gives them a modicum of control in their otherwise parentally structured life.

I’ll take “bruh” over her sneaking shots of rum and then filling the bottle with water sort of thing. Not that any of us did that. Though, I suppose that’s not rebellion, that’s probably the beginning of a long life of problems. Kids, don’t try that at home.

I asked the spawn what rebellion meant to her. “It’s generally going against something you don’t like, normally violently.” I suppose that’s a pretty good explanation. In the case of the rum, it was violently ill.

“What are you doing father? Are you calling me unfunny again.” I’ve hit a sore spot with her. I’m locking up the booze tomorrow.

I never really had any big acts of rebellion. It’s not that I like to be told what to do. It’s just that life has never been that intolerable that I need to act overtly against the status quo. The risk has never out weighed the reward. Oh, I’ve been a jerk, or made bad decisions despite of authority (see above), but I’ve never acted out enough to garner any major attention.

But I want to. I don’t mean Luke Skywalker or Nathan Hale level rebellion. I cannot compare nor have the level of oppression against me to begin to fully comprehend the Civil Rights movement. Dr. King taught us to take a punch and turn the other cheek. Non-violence is not a passive act. It takes an incredibly strong person to turn the other cheek once wounded. Invite the hoses and then sit in their wash. That’s a level of bad-ass against oppression I have not had to suffer.

Thomas Jefferson once wrote, “I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.”

And Lincoln, “This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it.”

One great man starting a revolution, one great man quelling one. Both different sides of the equation coming to the same conclusion. Revolution is if not a good thing, at least it’s an ok thing. Before we go further, let’s dial this down quickly. I’m not talking about our government. Though, change is obviously needed. I’m not even picking a side (Trump is bad). I’m just saying, it’s ok to question things. It’s almost imperative to act against the system.

It’s OK to rebel against your parents.

It’s OK to rebel against your boss.

It’s OK to rebel against your partner.

It’s OK to feel cheated by the world and rebel, my friend.

Our government, our freedoms, or planet is in grave danger (is there any other kind?).

Question everything. If it doesn’t feel right – there’s a chance it’s not. The world does not need blind followers. It needs free thinkers. It needs artists and people of action. It needs people who have the ability to look outside in and say, “Man, you really suck.”

Just do fucking you. But do you in the best way that does the most good on this planet.

I’m trying to desperately to put together my jumbled thoughts here. I am trying to tell you to do something I’ve always been terrified to do. Stand-up. Stand-out. There are people doing horrible things to this planet, the weak, the poor, the minority. Don’t let them get away with it. Rebel. Do not follow the status quo or the authority simply because you are told do so.

Rebel on the side of good though. Revolution for revolutions sake is bullshit chaos.

“Let’s go get sushi and not pay.” Not rebellion, just being a jerk.

My Grandfather pulled into Pearl Harbor with the remaining fleet on December 8th, 1941. He never talked about it until I joined the Navy. Then I suppose I joined the club. Then he was able to talk about it. I don’t know if was to warn me what I was in for, or just because finally I might be able to understand. I hear that happens with war torn soldiers and sailors and airmen.

Anyway, I said it was all smoke and fire and oil and bodies - ships turned upside down still on fire with crews desperate to save the living trapped inside. My Grandfather went to war and it cost him his innocence and his leg.

My Uncles followed his footsteps in Vietnam. That’s a jungle hell I cannot imagine.

I followed off to my own war. Thankfully, it only cost me my youth. My family earned their Purple Hearts. We have earned our right to speak out against what we see is wrong.

A million American patriots lie under our soil and that of the land on which they fought and died on. From the American Revolution on, we fought against tyrants and oppression. We fought to secure liberty not just here but around the world. The size of your flag does not make you a patriot. It’s the conviction in the Constitution and the defense against those who oppose it.

The second amendment folks, I’m not talking about you. I don’t want your guns. I want there to be sanity in the laws protecting us from those who abuse them. I just want responsible gun ownership. Don’t use the 2nd Amendment as an excuse as our children are being killed. I faced an active shooter event, 12 dead. I’m allowed to loathe you for hiding behind a rich gun lobby and an Amendment never conceived in the horrific manner which you yield it.

And now we face our own king on his tyrannical throne.

Now we stand on the cusp of our own decision. Will we allow this man to destroy the values we have fought and bled for? There is a vocal minority that says we should. The Senate says we should. The business in his pocket says we should.

No, we will not, says I.

Rebel with your votes and your letters. Write your members of the Senate and House. Write your local government. Do not allow hate and oppression to permeate this great land. Write letters to your local media – support them with your dollars and your subscriptions.

Vote. Be heard. Stand up. Please. Take a punch and dare another. Boycott products, businesses any Fox News that supports this madness. Republicans, please call this what it is – the trampling of our beliefs for big business and party politics.

If we don’t, our kids will either have to or live under a government that is called America but is something far worse, oppressive and sinister. The alternative is a nation ruled solely by those with money, corrupted power, the biggest guns along with a ruined planet. I promise.

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